Incoming Quality Control (IQC)

IQC is performed to ensure the quality of incoming raw materials,
packaging, and packing materials.

Raw Material Inspection
Inspections are conducted based on raw material specifications.
Appearance, odor, characteristics, identification test, instrumental analysis, etc.

1.Inspection Preparation

2.Inspection Room

3.Inspection Room

4.Inspection (Specific gravity)

Packaging and Packing Material Inspection
Inspections are conducted based on packaging and packing material
inspection standards. Functional inspection (fitting property, air-tightness, etc.),
appearance inspection (print contents, etc.)

Projection Comparator

Rating Adhesion by Tape Test (Printing)

Rating Adhesion by Tape Test (Metallization)

Surface Checks

Feeler Gauge

Letter-spacing Measurement

Torsion Tester

Measuring the Weight of Adhesive (1)

Measuring the Weight of Adhesive (2)

Measurement by Vernier Caliper (Plastic Primary Packaging)

Measurement by Vernier Caliper (Pan)

Bump Tester

Tensile Test

Color Inspection

Feeler Gauge

Thickness Inspection

Weight Measurement

Inspection Area


In Process Quality Control (IPQC)

Filling Inspection

Filling Weight Test

Filling Weight Test

Batch Coding Confirmation Inspection

Batch Code Machine

Foreign Matter Inspection

Foreign Material Inspection

Print Display Inspection

Batch Code Swatch Test

Batch Code Adhesive Test

Functional Inspection

Abruption Test for Sealed Tubes

Process Quality Control (PQC)

Sensory Test (appearance, odor, etc. ) and Usability Test

Odor Test

Color Test

Color Test

Swatch Test

Swatch Test

Ductility Test

Ductility Test

Physical Property Measurement (viscosity, hardness, specific density, etc. )

Break Down Test

Viscosity Test

Hardness Test

Hardness Test

Microbial Test

Weight Measurement


Culture Medium


Colony Count

Activation of Culture

Biochemical Identification

Final Quality Control (FQC) & Out-going Quality Control (OQC)

Our factory is certified with ISO 9001 and our on-site laboratory is certified with ISO/IEC 17025.
In addition to the final quality control, we perform product inspections throughout the
entire manufacturing processes from IQC to OQC. With strict quality control,
we assure superior quality for our customers.